Mala Santa Cerveza

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Product: UX design + Responsive web

This project was made back in 2012. I spent quite some time trying configurations with Gulp: tasking up css preprocessors, coffeescript compilation, tried Jade, Slim, among others. At the end, after having played around enough, i decided to only keep the basic for such a simple one-page site. Go ahead and check how the website (legacy link) turned out:

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Mala Santa Cerveza website screenshots
El Heraldo website screenshot
El Heraldo on mobile safari for iPad photo
El Heraldo on mobile safari for iPhone

El Heraldo

El Heraldo app photo

Product: UX design + Responsive Web + Android and iOS apps

During late 2012, i started working on large project that had as main goal to renovate a local News website along with the release of brand new Android and iOS apps.

The plan was to have both website and apps consuming the same REST API as a central content feed and to create the app builds using web technologies plus utilizing Cordova as wrapper.

Even though the project is not online anymore (it's been 6 years now), the result still makes me feel very proud. Not to mention all the learnings i scored on the road.

El Heraldo app splash screen and an internal page example
El Heraldo website screenshot
El Heraldo on mobile safari for iPad photo
El Heraldo on mobile safari for iPhone



Given my educational background, the field i'm proeficient the most on is UX Engineering. I consider this my passion. I am always down for new learnings and tools/frameworks to play with. I'm always checking up for whatever new features are cooking in the W3C drafts and browsers, new methodologies and trends.

  • BEM
  • SASS
  • Responsive
  • Animation
  • Grids
  • Frameworks
  • Sprites
  • Animation
  • @media print


Proeficient using modern javascript frameworks and unit testing. Good understanding of patterns and creative on implementing solutions. Particularly passionate about frontend builds and automation.

  • Gulp
  • CoffeeScript
  • Babel
  • ES6
  • Components
  • Angular
  • React
  • Node

Frontend stack

I've worked extensively with web standards and web accesibility. Lately particularly for Mobile. In the same field, i've created Cordova iOS/Android apps. All the way from the research and UX design stage to the last step: releasing in the marketplace.

  • A11y
  • HTML5 APIs
  • Responsive imagery
  • Automation
  • Web Components
  • Mobile
  • Phonegap
  • Performance
  • UX design
  • Android
  • iOS


I am an experienced frontend engineer and UX designer. I know how to design and implement UI products for web and mobile. I also have particular interest in web accessibility.

I have 8 years of experience focused mainly on internet projects and collaborating with huge & small teams. I have been invited to a few tech and design events as a speaker such as MagmaConf back in 2013.

Companies i've collaborated to

  • Autodesk
  • Wells Fargo
  • Globant
  • General Electric
  • Softtek
  • Bimbo

I once spoke at

  • Magma Conf 2013
  • Tec de Monterrey